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Amelia Plantation Chapel - Giving

The stewardship mission of Amelia Plantation Chapel is to develop a church family of Christians who respond to God’s grace by joyfully returning a generous portion of their time, their talents, and their treasures to be used for God’s purposes. Joyfully is a key word, in that it indicates we accept that everything we have comes through God’s grace, and we are willing to share our gifts with others less fortunate.

Approximately 30 percent of our annual offerings are devoted to outreach programs. We believe stewardship is a way of life lived out by spreading the Gospel; wisely employing our God-given resources, abilities, and relationships; sharing the material resources we hold, and giving them in service and compassion; and providing for future generations of worshipers. Christian stewardship means what we do with all that we have after we say, “I believe.”