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There are over 500 members at Amelia Plantation Chapel. As our Mission Statement describes,

“We belong to a diverse congregation, united by our faith in Jesus Christ, committed to worship the living God, and to study the Word, so that we may witness and serve in our community.”

We offer two types of membership. Regular Members are those who unite with our church through the profession of faith, letter of transfer, or reaffirmation of faith. Associate Members are those who unite with our church while maintaining membership in another congregation. Associate Members share equally with Regular Members the duties, responsibilities, rights, and privileges of membership.

We conduct a New Member Orientation at least two or three times a year; however, we accept new members throughout the year. Our new members are celebrated and recognized twice yearly. A new member fellowship time is held at the end of each year.

We hope you’ll consider joining our church family!

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“The Chapel Membership Covenant”

Questions about Becoming a Member